benefits of greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has a number of health benefits over its more traditional cousins. That is because it happens to be very thick and creamy, even with the non fat varieties which allow it to be a fantastic alternative to fattier dairy products like cream cheese, butter, dressings, and other thick dairy products. It also happens to be much lower in sodium, by about half as much compared to regular yogurt styles. I have also found that it has a much tangier taste compared to more traditional European style yogurt which I tend to prefer. But there are also other benefits as well.

benefits of greek yogurt

Another big selling point for Greek yogurt is the fact that it basically has double the protein of normal yogurt which often only has about 7-8 grams per servings, whereas Greek yogurt has 15-20 grams per servings making it a fantastic alternative to loading up on nothing but lean meats for your protein. I also have found it makes the yogurt a lot more satisfying which helps you stay fuller for a much longer period of time, which allows you to eat less and prevent you from binge eating so soon after eating something like yogurt.

Greek yogurt also happens to be much lower in natural sugar, as much of the lactose is strained out of the yogurt which gives it the more creamy and thick texture people have come to associate and love with this yogurt. The lactose is a natural form of sugar that exists in dairy, and with Greek yogurt, much if not most of that lactose sugar is removed, sometimes up to 95%, which makes this a more friendly option for lactose sensitive folks who want to eat yogurt. But I still recommend that those of you who are extremely sensitive to lactose eat rice or coconut based yogurts to avoid any risks.

There are a number of brands that I really like to eat, but my favorite is by Stoneyfield which is called "oikos" and I like it because it is one of the few organic varieties of this style of yogurt that I have been able to readily find in grocery stores. Some other brands that may or may not be organic but are yummy none the less are Fage, and the other oikos brand put out by Dannon. I also really like the Greek gods brand of Greek yogurt too which tastes great.

benefits of greek yogurt


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